ARGANZ Website Update

The ARGANZ website has been updated to provide a more relevant and easy to use format.  Future ARGANZ meeting information will now be part of this website.  Please explore the information available, including links to other relevant clinical societies and their meeting dates.  

Lecture PDF and audio/visual presentations from the 2017 Meeting held in Sydney are available via the past meeting page.  You need to be logged in to view these and other resources.

To register as a user, click here.  Registration confirmation should occur within 2-5 days.  If you previously registered as an ARGANZ member, your login should still work.  However unfortunately some users' information has disappeared during the change of systems.  If you find your login no longer works, please register again.  For those logging onto the new system for the first time, please go to 'Edit Your Profile', or 'About Us / Members / Update your profile', to include new information and preferences.

We look forward to your ongoing engagement with the community of abdominal imagers in Australia and New Zealand.


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