2017 Meeting Session Audio/Visual Presentations

All sessions from the 2017 Meeting were recorded and are available for your viewing. You will need to register as a website user to access the presentations.  Confirmation of registration should occur within 2-5 days.

You will also need a password to access the presentations which is visible above.

Session 1 HTC
Chairperson: Assoc Prof Andrew Little
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Session 4A GIT and HPB
Chairperson: Dr James Seow
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Session 2A Abdominal Emergencies and Intervention      
Chairperson: Prof Rob Gibson
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Session 4B Prostate
Chairperson: Dr Edward Hsiao
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Session 2B CTC
Chairperson: Dr Deepak Prasad
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Session 5 Liver 2
Chairperson: Dr Jessica Yang
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Session 3A Liver 1
Chairperson: Dr Mark Goodwin
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Session 6 Renal
Chairperson: Dr Kirsten Gormly
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Session 3B Pelvic Gynae
Chairperson: Dr Helen Moore
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Session 7 Oncology
Chairperson: Dr Warwick Thomas
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