Mendelson Research Prize

ARGANZ is delighted to offer a prize open to registrars and fellows to encourage research in abdominal imaging.  You are invited to submit your research, with up to 6 submissions accepted for oral presentation at the ARGANZ meeting.  First prize is a trip to ESGAR and second prize is complimentary registration at the following ARGANZ meeting.  Oral presentation at the ARGANZ meeting fulfills the requirements for the RANZCR Project 2.

Paper posters are also encouraged and in 2019 may be submitted by registrars and consultants.  Accepted posters are not eligible for the prize, but are a great way to share research and learning.  

The prize was created in 2015 and in 2017 was named after the founding Chairman of ARGANZ, Professor Richard Mendelson, Royal Perth Hospital, WA. Richard was the driving force behind the creation of ARGANZ and we all owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

Mendelson Research Prize 2019


MRP 2019 Chan MThe winner of the 2019 Mendelson Research prize was Dr Michael Chan from Concord Repatriation General Hospital for his presentation on "HCC screening for high risk patients who have suboptimal screening ultrasound: A screening protocol with abbreviated, non-contrast magnetic resonance imaging" - Dr Chan receives a trip to the ESGAR Meeting 2019 or 2020 to further his interest in abdominal imaging and research. 




MRP 2019 Dillon JThe runner up was Dr Jonathan Dillon from St Vincent's Hospital, Imaging Associates for his presentation on "Can a computer learn how to detect prostate cancer on a multiparametric prostate MRI scan?" - Dr Dillon receives complimentary registration to the ARGANZ Meeting 2020.





Mendelson Research Prize 2018 

DSCF6298 2018prize1 xcropThe winner of the 2018 Mendelson Research prize was Dr Danielle Richmond from Austin Health in Melbourne, for her presentation on, "Incidental hepatic steatosis on unenhanced computed tomography performed for renal colic in the emergency department: prevalence and reporting trends”. Dr Richmond receives an ARGANZ sponsored trip to ESGAR 2018 (Dublin) or ESGAR 2019 (Rome) to further her interest in abdominal imaging and research.




DSCF6294 2The runner up was Dr Jonathan Hall whose research presentation was entitled, "Renal abscess: Clinical factors and associated radiological features”, and will be entitled to free registration at ARGANZ 2019 in Auckland. Many thanks also to Dr Alastair Eason and Dr Julia Williams whose entries were also shortlisted for oral presentation at the meeting.





Mendelson Research Prize 2017


The win2017 mendelson prize winnerner of this years Mendelson Research prize was Dr Rajeev Deva from Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane on his presentation of "Radiogenomics in clear cell renal cell carcinoma: Initial evidence for associations between CT heterogeneity , gene mutation count and survival"





RunnerDr Cheung runner up 2017 up was Dr Nicholas Kiu Cheung from The Royal Hobart Hospital for his presentaiton on "Role of Diffusion weighted imaging sequence for diagnosis of adult and paediatric Crohn's disease"

Thank you also to the other fantastic presentations from Drs Mason, Bestawros and Kutaiba who were short-listed from the total of 14 entries.




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