New Medicare rebate item and change to existing rebate item

New Medicare rebate item and change to existing rebate item

Changes to existing items from 1/11/2022

Liver MRI (item 63545)

MRI—multiphase scans of liver (including delayed imaging, if performed) with a contrast agent, for staging where surgical resection or interventional techniques are under consideration to treat any liver metastases detected, if:

(a) the patient has a confirmed extra‑hepatic primary malignancy (other than hepatocellular carcinoma), with no persistent extra‑hepatic disease; and

(b) computed tomography of the patient’s liver is negative or inconclusive for metastatic disease; and

(c) the identification of liver metastases would change the patient’s treatment planning

Applicable not more than once in a 12 month period. 

New item from 1/11/2022

Pelvic MRI (item 63563)

MRI – scan of the pelvis or abdomen, if the request for the scan identifies that the investigation is for:

(a)    Sub-fertility that requires one or more of the following:

(i)       An investigation of suspected Mullerian duct anomaly seen in pelvic ultrasound or hysterosalpingogram;

(ii)      An assessment of uterine mass identified on pelvic ultrasound before consideration of surgery;

(iii)     An investigation of recurrent implantation failure in IVF (2 or more embryo transfer cycles without viable pregnancy); or

(b)    Surgical planning of a patient with known or suspected deep endometriosis involving the bowel, bladder or ureter (or any combination of the bowel, bladder or ureter), where the results of pelvic ultrasound are inconclusive

Applicable not more than once in a 2 year period.